Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery Program is designed with inputs from Industry experts. It focuses on Holistic development of Sales Skills for an Individual. This program is best suited for Business Owners as well as working professionals wanting to make a career in Sales

This program is designed as a multi-week program to ensure you have byte sized learning per week. This program will be conducted as Live Online Class. It will comprise of Training sessions, Coaching/Mentoring sessions as well as Live Video recording of participant assignments. We will also conduct evaluations to ensure correct understanding of topic. Program Schedule will be mailed after you have enrolled in the program.

Key topics that will be covered during the program


Foundations of Selling  
Different Types of Sales Channel Understanding Sales Life Cycle
Sales Frameworks
Engaging with clients and rapport building Rapport Building - Scenario discussions Gathering client requirements
Stakeholder Management

Sales Planning and Presentations

 Sales Planning    
Preparing and Making Presentations
Understanding Client Queries and Objection Handling
Understanding Negotiations      
Deal Closing techniques      
Sales Documentation development:  
Post sales responsibilities
Understanding use of CRM System

Advanced Sales skills, tools & techniques

Importance of Listening in Sales    
Art of Story Telling
Helping Buyers BUY [Sense making]
Importance of Articulation in Sales     Communication Skills in Sales
Project management skills for sales professionals      
Conducting Sales Discussion with Higher authorities      
Using Tools/Automation for efficient working
Mind mapping and Brainstorming skills     Importance of Collaboration in Sales